July 4, 2003                                                                 9682 Berrien; Union Pier, MI 49129

 Thomas Gloe Builders

4106 W. Hanover

Three Oaks, Michigan 49128

 Dear Tom:

 It has been nearly ten years since we bought our Union Pier house and in those years we've all enjoyed the pleasure and comfort of our leisure time there.
Our kids, grandkids and friends, too, express their enjoyment and we love the 'kick your shoes off, relax, and feel at home' sense of the place. Indeed, we feel blessed.

Now, Tom, why are we writing this letter to you and what do you have to do with our house?

Listen, Tom Gloe, you have everything to do with our house because YOU have been the" invisible house-master" there for the past ten years. While we get all the praise, it is YOU whose skill, integrity and high standards have brought into reality the pleasant changes required for our growing family's comfort. To list just some of our projects completed:

By writing this letter to you, we hope to express our respect and thanks for always "being there" whenever we called on you for help. We thank you for bringing your professional skill to every effort you make on our behalf. Your word is all we need despite our often "long distance" relationship from our primary home in north suburban Chicago.

Tom, between the lines of this letter, we hope you recognize that it is a pleasure to know and work with you. And every time we see signs on properties in the area that read, "Thomas Gloe Builders" we smile, and wish you and your fortunate clients well.